Transportation Issues

From time to time, AORTA takes official positions on issues related to rail and other transportation modes. We also offer summary information about the advantages of rail and public transit.


► I-5 - Interstate Bridge Replacement Program: AORTA proposes the Common Sense Alternative (30-minute presentation)

Light Rail Alternative to ODOT's I-5 Rose Quarter Project (December 2021); Slides and script

A better alternative to TriMet's Red Line Project (August 2020)

A better alternative to TriMet's Hollywood Transit Center Proposal (November 2022)


► AORTA is working to bring passenger rail service to Eastern Oregon.

Oregon State Rail Plan

► AORTA's position on high-speed rail in the Pacific Northwest

► Proposal for funding Oregon intercity passenger services, including rail and other forms of public transit.

►View presentations and other information from the Montana Passenger Rail Summit, which was held on September 17, 2020.

Draft Compact to Establish a Northwest Rail Commission, December 5, 2020.
Based on the draft developed by All Aboard Washington.

► Interstate Rail Commission enabling legislation
Sample from Mississippi, for creating the Southern Rail Commission


► Transportation for America proposal
Improving and expanding passenger rail service in the U.S.

► It’s Time For America To Get Serious About Fixing The Trains

How Much Did Cuts to Amtrak Service Cost YOUR State? Rail Passengers Association & Transportation for America analysis (September 25, 2020). Daily service was restored on May 24, 2021.