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Because everyone is welcome in AORTA, membership is sliding scale.
Pay what you can based on your income. We also have family membership.

AORTA is a certified 501(c)3 non-profit consumer organization under IRS provisions. Dues and donations to AORTA may be tax-deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.


  • What is an AORTA membership?

The most important benefit of joining AORTA is being able to join other Oregonians in support of our mission: creating a world-class system of rail and public transit in Oregon.

Members of AORTA are eligible to participate in decision making, planning, and voting; to join committees; and to help shape the organization's strategy.

Members are also invited to join our Slack group, and to attend members-only events.

  • Who runs AORTA?

AORTA's board is elected by members. Our current board is listed here.

However our campaigns are driven first and foremost by ordinary members who decide what they want to devote their time toward.

  • Why should I join AORTA?

AORTA is powered by its members, and achieving our vision depends on people like you!

There are no well-funded lobbyists advocating on behalf of transit in Oregon. Instead what we have is a well-organized group of passionate and informed people. By combining our voices in a strategic manner, we have a major impact on elected officials, transit agencies, and the public perception of transit.

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