Founded in 1976, AORTA has a decades-long legacy of advocating on behalf of pasenger rail and transit in Oregon, from local services in communities both large and small, on up to the intercity bus and rail services that connect these communities together, with the goal of helping Oregon build a world-class, balanced transportation system.

There are no well-funded lobbyists advocating on behalf of transit riders in Oregon. Instead, what we have is a well-organized group of passionate and informed people. By combining our voices in a strategic manner, we have a major impact on elected officials, transportation agencies, and the public understanding of passenger rail and public transit.

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Our Mission

AORTA advocates for the development of a balanced and integrated system of rail and public transit within and beyond the State of Oregon. At the intercity, regional, and local levels, Oregonians deserve a public transportation system that is fast, frequent, cost effective, and environmentally sound!

Our Principles

•Building out high-quality transit is key to improving Oregon's quality of life, and to accommodating our growing population, sustainably.

•To maximize public investment, transit agencies must actively seek out and adopt international best practices.

•If done thoughtfully and at scale, investment in transit will turbocharge the state's economy.

•Increasing transit ridership must be a key component of Oregon's strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

•Land-use regulations must be reformed so as to increase the number of homes, businesses, and destinations that are well served by transit.